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Queen's Anime Club Showing Friday March 26, 2010

Anime Fans,

It's time for our most anticipated showing of the year:

This Friday only, from 7pm to midnight in BioSci 1102, you too can participate in the democratic election of next years executive.
Also, turn your friends into giant cardboard-based fighting robots!

For those unfamiliar, cardboard mecha is our yearly event where you get into teams of 3-5 and use cardboard and duct tape to turn one of your group members into a mecha robot. We'll provide cardboard, exacto knives, and duct tape; and you are welcome to bring any other materials you desire (paint, scissors, etc.) Mecha will then face off using their elite short presentation/skit skills. The audience votes to determine this year's galactic cardboard mecha champion.

And right afterward, you will have the opportunity to run for and vote on the new executive for Queen's Anime Club 2010-2011. Any club member can run for any position with the exception of President and Treasurer which must be returning Queen's students as per AMS policy. Positions available would be listed on our website (if the AMS finally got around to hosting it), so instead you'll have to settle for the brief summary below:

President: Deals with the AMS, keeps the club running and on track, books rooms, in charge of everything.
Vice-President: Finds Anime for showings, takes over when other exec are absent, assists president.
Treasurer: Keeps financial records, handles food and drink sales, manages club budget.
Secretary: Emails general membership, keeps minutes, organizes club records.
Public Relations: Promotes events to the public, increase membership.
Services Director: Acquisition and storage of food and drink, recommended that you own or are good friends with someone who owns a car.

We're looking forward to seeing some new faces join our executive team.
In between all of this voting and building, we still have a great selection of Mecha shows lined up:
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

See you this Friday
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