jess (j831) wrote in queens,

it's that time of the year again...

i have a couple questions regarding some courses i've been looking at.  any thoughts would be appreciated on any of the following courses:

BIOM 300* - Modeling Techniques in Biology
PSYC 370* - Brain and Behaviour II
COGS 100* - Intro to Cognitive Science
CISC 121* - Intro to Computing Science I
NSCI 323* - Cellular Neuroscience
NSCI 324* - Systems Neuroscience
BCHM 310 - General Biochemistry

also any third year life science course in general... i'm doing a major in life science, so i have quite a few options as to what i can take, seeing i have no core courses.  i do need 2.5 "life science" credits at the 300 level or above though...
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