clothingaddict (clothingaddict) wrote in queens,

Degree Question

Hello everyone!

I hope all of your summers are going well!

Before the rush for course selection begins, I just had a general question/clarification. When doing a Major/Minor degree, is it possible for a course credit to count towards both of your separate major and minor requirements? For example, I'm entering second year as a DEVS major and POLS minor. If I take a POLS 200 course that is also a DEVS-eligible course, can it count towards both of my DEVS major and POLS minor requirements?

I know that in medial concentrations, its not allowed. But what about major/minor?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Oh! And I was actually hoping to address a rumor I've been hearing. One of my friends claims that taking a major/minor concentration is pretty much a waste of time since only your major will be written on your diploma. Is this true? 
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