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Graduate Development Studies program

Hello all!

I am really interested in doing a Masters at Queen's in their Development Studies program so I just have a few questions about it! If anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!

1) According to this document (DEVS students respond to budget cuts), what is the situation right now? Has cuts already been made? Are there less resources for both Development Studies undergrad AND grad students?

2) One of THE biggest reasons why I want to come to Queen's for Development Studies is because of their Work-Study Programme that allows students to do an exchange in another country while gaining work experience AND relevant school credits. HOWEVER, I am aware the work-study programme is primarily aimed at undergraduates and NOT grad students. As a grad student, would this mean that I won't be able to take part in this awesome work-study programme? Because that is the biggest attraction to me and it's why I would choose Queen's and living out of town and borrowing OSAP over going to a university in my city and living at home where I don't have to pay rent (yet). :P

3) For those who have studied/current studying/know anyone who did/just have general info, what is the Development Studies program like for a grad student? Do you love/hate it and why? What are the professors like, in terms of approaching them for assistance, etc.? Are the courses informative, do they really prepare you for your future career, is it practical, etc.?

4) If you happen to be a graduate/know anyone who is, what are the chances of gaining a career through this program afterward? (Another reason why I think so highly of Queen's Development Studies is because I heard their graduates end up doing amazing things.)

5) Finally, I'm actually from York University so my thinking is quite liberal - I aim for progressiveness when arguing in my essays and I also have a feminist background with a bit of social justice thrown in. Would these values fit in this program?

Thanks for all your help!!
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