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Hi everyone! I’m going into my second year, majoring in English and minoring in French, and I’m looking for feedback on a couple courses and professors. I’m also trying to decide if I should take six courses next year, or if I should stick to five, so if you can tell me a little about the workload in second-year English and the difficulty of an increased course load, I’d really appreciate it because I’d much rather take a fifth year (if necessary) than kill myself. Next year, I plan to take:

Introduction to Literary Criticism (ENGL292) with Michael Snediker: the course is recommended and I’ve heard fantastic about Michael Snediker, so I’m not at all concerned about this course.

Contemporary Canadian Literature (ENGL283) with Sam McKegney: This course conflicts with the Jacobean Shakespeare (ENGL228*), but it sounds interesting and everyone had very positive comments about Sam McKegney on Rate My Prof, so I have to choose between the two, as there’s only one section of each.

Obviously, I can take one or the other in third year, so it’s not a huge problem, but do you think one is more relevant to my third year courses than the other? What do you think of Asha Varadharajan (instructor for the first half of the course, ENGL227*)? Is she really as incomprehensible (because of diction and volume) and prone to tangents as everyone on Rate My Prof seems to think and are her lectures as superficial as some people have said?

Fantasy (ENGL203*) with Ruth Wehlau: What did you think of the course and/or professor?

The Short Story in English (ENGL204*) with Tim McIntyre: I don’t know if Tim McIntyre is a PhD student or a new professor, but there are no reviews for him on Rate My Prof and he doesn’t have a bio on the English department website. Has anyone had him, either as a TA or an instructor/professor, and what were your opinions?

I didn’t take any Gender (formerly Women’s) Studies courses last year; do you think that will hurt me if/when I take a 200-level GNDS course this year? I’m thinking of Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity (GNDS215*), but Margaret Little has a number of poor reviews on Rate My Prof. I’m not sure if that’s because people weren’t prepared to have their opinions challenged or if she’s genuinely that bad, so opinions are appreciated.

Any thoughts on Racism, Colonialism, and Resistance (GNDS212*), Feminist Histories (GNDS211*), and/or Scott Morgensen? How’s the department as a whole?

I can’t decide on French courses; I’m thinking of Introduction à la littérature française (FREN212) and Le cinéma et la civilisation française (FREN227*) and La civilisation canadienne-française (FREN232*) or Le théâtre canadien-français (FREN266*), but I’d welcome any suggestions and opinions.  I’m interested in the conversation courses, as my spoken French is no longer as fluent, so if you have any thoughts on those, that would be great, too!

ETA: Apparently, most French and Gender Studies classes conflict with my English classes, so I'll have to save them for third year =/. 

Lastly, is there anything I should keep in mind about the English or French department going forward?

Thanks in advance for your time!  I really appreciate it =).

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