onyeeleung (onyeeleung) wrote in queens,

Books for Sale!!!!

1. BIOL 243: The Analysis of Biological Data by Whitlock and Schluter for $80
- Excellent condition: no writing, highlights, marks, rips, spills
- Just bought and used last Fall, so in almost-new condition!
- Included for FREE: course pack that has some useful information for the program "R" that you'll be using for this course

2. BIOL 302/303: Ecology Canadian Edition by Molles and Cahill for $90
- Excellent condition: no marks, writing, highlights, rips
- Bought last winter for BIOL 303, but it's good for both BIOL 302 (fall) and BIOL 303 (winter)

3. PSYC 235: Abnormal Psychology 2nd Canadian Edition by Barlow for $80
- Excellent condition: no writing, highlights, rips, spills
- Comes with a CD which I found very useful for multiple choice

4. BIOL 201: Biology of Plants by Raven, Evert, Eichhorn AND Photographic Atlas for the Botany Laboratory for $100
- One price for 2 books!
- Textbook is in excellent condition: no marks, writing, highlights, rips, spills
- Photo Atlas is in almost brand new condition since I put it in a binder. I highly recommend this because it was very helping when studying for lab practicals and exams.

If anyone is interested email me at: onyee.leung@gmail.com

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