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Course load!

I'm majoring in Linguistics in my second year. There are several PSYC courses that count towards my major. I'm taking four PSYC courses this semester (235, 241, 221, 251), two of which go towards my major (221 and 251). I was just wondering if you guys think it's a bit of an over load. Other courses I'm taking are 2 LING courses and Spanish.

Also, other courses that go towards my major: PSYC215 (experiemental:perception) and PSYC271 (brain + behaviour). Anyone have any opinions of those? I'm thinking 271 might be too scienc-y, though both parts I and II go towards my major.

And one last thing, anyone have an opinion on which pair of courses I should take first - LING310 + LING320 or LING330 + LING340.

Any feedback appreciated! Thankas.
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