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University Graduates' Debt Loads at Critical Level - A Solution? - The Queen's University Community — LiveJournal

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November 5th, 2010

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12:19 am - University Graduates' Debt Loads at Critical Level - A Solution?
Hey guys!

Now, I don't go to Queens, but I have obtained mod permission to post this, so, s'all good.

I'm here to inform you of STREP, a little group we've started at the University of Lethbridge. We're concerned about the critical levels of debt associated with obtaining a university education. Many student groups have tried rallying their universities for lower tuition, but have been unsuccessful. Our group understands the reason behind this as normal university growth and staff wage increases as a reason that tuition will not be lowered.

These critical levels of debt that graduates have not only affect the individual, but also the population as a whole. Graduates wanting to buy a house after school are unable to as they cannot get approved for a mortgage with that high of a pre-existing debt load. Because these graduates are unable to buy a home, they put off having children, contributing to the decline in our population as well as Canada's dependency on immigrant workers. If we want Canada's people to grow and prosper we need a solution or we will have even less professionals - such as nurses, doctors, engineers, designers, etc.

Our student group believes that it has a solution. When tradespeople are required to return to school they are given unemployment insurance to cover their living expenses. Why aren't university students given the same? Some argue that it's because tradespeople are forced to return to school and that they can't continue working without going back. The same can be said for university students - you can't work in your field with only your first year of university. The seemingly obvious solution here is to give university students employment insurance to cover their living expenses while in school. In the end, there will be more people able to attend university, get high paying jobs, help with the housing market, reproduce the population quicker, and pay more back into employment insurance.

We realize that this probably won't be the most popular idea with the government, but something needs to be done. Please visit our Facebook group or view or YouTube video below to help support this initiative.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/home.php?sk=group_127951243926970&ap=1

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOPZ6-wQqS8

Thank you!

STREP - Pass it on!
STudents Requiring Employment insurance Payments
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