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I'm a senior in high school and my final average last semester was 92. As a result, Queen's offered me $2000 once they accepted me because 92 is the cut-off. They also said, Provided you meet the conditions of your offer of admission, you will retain your original award offer, regardless of any subsequent changes to your final grades.

The conditions, as outlined in another letter, is to maintain a 75 average at least and get my OSSD. Does this mean my average could drop to say, an 82, and I would still be offered my scholarship? Or am I reading it completely wrong?

I keep trying to call but they say they're closed even though their answering machine says they're supposed to be open.
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$450 / 4br - summer sublet (may - august) - ALL INCLUSIVE

i am looking to sublet 4 bedrooms for the summer months at 361 johnson street.

GREAT location. close to queen's campus, the ARC, downtown, and metro for groceries.
(google map)

house is furnished
includes laundry
1 full bathroom + 1 other room with additional toilet
1 full kitchen
1 living room
parking space included

$450 per room per month
utilities included (electricity, water, heating)
internet included
phone (landline) included

CONTACT: email me at 8jbc [at] or call me at 613-484-8162 for more info.


QCARD Question

Hello everyone!

Froshie here, and I had a basic question about marks on QCARD. I tried sleuthing around the Queen's Registrar website for an answer, but couldn't find a straight-forward one. I dropped a FW course well before the Jan 22 deadline, yet on QCARD, the course code still appears with "DR" beside it. Now since I dropped the course, I suppose the "DR" is accurate but I was sort of hoping that since I did it before the academic deadline, the course code would just be erased from my transcript. So I was wondering, will this course disappear over time or will the "DR" course be there permanently?


Fan Girls!

Queen's Anime Club SHowing Friday JAnuary 22, 2010

Welcome back and I hope you had a great holidays. We've decided to start the new year off right with a Classics Night. Well loved shows from the 1990s (and one from 1979) are scheduled for your viewing pleasure.

But First: Anime North 2010
Anime North 2010 is on May 28-30. The Queen's Anime Club can get you in on a special group rate of $40 each for the whole weekend. If you are interested, bring your name, email and registration fee to us at the showing. Also available are t-shirts ($20), Momiji Awards Brunch ($25), and Moonlight ball tickets (TBD). Further details about Anime North are available on their website:

So come out and join us this Friday January 22 in BioSci 1102 from 7pm to midnight
Reacquaint yourself with old favorites or shows that you've missed such as:
Cowboy Bebop
The Vision of Escaflowne
Neon Genesis Evangelion
The Rose of Versailles

See you on Friday!
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textbook needed!

Does anyone have the COMM 251 textbook for sale?

I need this:

Canadian Organizational Behaviour, Seventh Edition by Steven McShane, Sandra Steen

Please drop me an email at if you're selling!

Thanks in advance!
Fan Girls!

Queen's Anime Club Stress Buster Showing Dec 05, 2009

You've almost made it to the end of the term! Hope your culminating assignments are going well.

To help you destress between the term and exams,
Anime Club is holding its semi-annual Stress Buster Showing
this SATURDAY December 5 from 1pm to 6pm in BioSci 1103

Normally at Stress Busters we just show exec picks, but this year we decided to put a bit of a catty spin on it. That's right, our Stress Buster theme is Caturday!

So bring yourself in for a little relaxation and watch:
Samurai Pizza Cats
Neko Ramen
Chi's Sweet Home
And select Cat Episodes of:
Azumanga Daioh

Plus: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
We promise to get it working this time, I want to watch it as much as anyone else.

And if you have anything which you want shown, don't be afraid to bring it along with you.

Come and chill out with us on a Saturday afternoon.
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Fan Girls!

Queen's Anime Club Annual Win, Lose or Draw Showing Friday Nov 27, 2009

It's that time again Anime Fans. Stress and work load got you down? Come out to one of our most exciting events:

Anime Win, Lose, or Draw!

Get into teams of 3 or 4, and try your best to win prizes! Imagine pictionary, but with anime titles, and a lot funnier. We'll be playing the game during our showing this Friday.

And for those of you who still only read bolded text, you can find us in BioSci 1103 on Friday November 27 from 7pm to Midnight.

We'll also be showing some of the best stand alone anime. That's right, you get the whole series/movie in just one sitting. So get ready to enjoy:

Voices of a Distant Star
The Girl who Leapt Through Time

See you this Friday!
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Sorting through the sushi...


I'm helping to organize a dinner for my team after the Santa Claus parade this weekend, and I'm looking for restaurant reviews. We want to go out for sushi, but since all those new places popped up over the summer I'm overwhelmed by the selection, and I'd love to hear your opinions (stick with Take? is SushiQ as trashy as it looks? can Izumo handle more than 15 people? what is that one with the wood front, but no sign? have you also heard of people getting food poisoning from Arisu?)